Noida Extension impasse gets a breather

2012-05-04 06:25:58

GREATER NOIDA: In what seems like a major step to lift the impasse of Noida Extension housing projects, the new Samajwadi Party government has incorporated the suggestions of the NCR Planning Board in the Greater Noida Master Plan 2021. The government and the Greater Noida Authority sent the improvised Master Plan to the planning board on Monday.

According to senior state government officials, the main suggestion of NCRPB pertained to the available land and projected population in the coming years. The new government has, hence, made the changes accordingly.

Considering that incorporating the suggestions and getting them approved was a pre-condition for construction work to resume in Noida Extension, the government is confident to reach a final solution at this month's meeting of the planning cell.

"The main problem was that the earlier government was not ready to make these changes. However, we have now studied the Master Plan in detail and incorporated the suggestions. We are hopeful that in the next meeting of the planning cell, to be held sometime in mid-May, this plan should be given the final approval," said AK Gupta, Industrial Development Commissioner, UP. "Last time we had assured the planning board that we intended to cooperate and had requested them to allow us to present the improvised Master Plan to the planning cell headed by chief secretary NCRPB instead of taking it before the board to save time. They agreed to this and we are hoping that in the meeting this month we will get good news," Gupta added.

Due to non-clearance of Greater Noida's Master Plan by the NCRPB, development work in the Noida Extension area has remained stuck for over six months now. The Allahabad high court had last year ruled that construction would not begin till the board approved of the Master Plan.

The planning board had mainly objected to the plan pointing out that Greater Noida currently has a population of 1 lakh, but land is being acquired for a highly inflated projected population of 29 lakh. However, as per the planning board's regional plan-2021, a population of 7 lakh by 2011 and 12 lakh by 2021 was projected in Greater Noida. In fact, the Census 2011 figures show that the population in Greater Noida has increased by just a lakh in the last 15 years indicating a slow rate of growth of population. The board had, hence, refused to accept that the population could grow to 29 lakh and rejected the previous UP government's attempt to acquire land at an alarming rate.

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